About Absorbest

Absorbest is a Swedish research driven medtech company, focused on high-performance superabsorbents. Our greatest area of expertise lies in consumables for advanced wound treatment and increased hygiene and efficiency in operating rooms, marketed under the brand DryMax. All products are developed in-house and manufactured under strict control in our production plant, providing optimal and cost-effective health care for medical facilities worldwide.

Absorbest works with global market leaders and distributors ­– more than 95 percent of our manufacturing is exported – but at the same time we are an organization with strong local connections. That makes us available, flexible and versatile, which our customers appreciate. We can offer our own product range and small to large series through OBL or private labels and develop new solutions upon request.

Absorbest’s hub is in Kisa, Sweden. Our staff is comprised of 30 dedicated and knowledgeable people who work with everything, from development to production and distribution.

Our goal is to remain at the cutting edge of development. We do this by understanding what our customers want, building trust through consistent performance – and driving business growth.

”We are a strong team here in Kisa, and through our close cooperation with our partners we have built a good platform for the future. With this we continue to develop innovative solutions that create quality of life.”

Hans Karlsson, CEO Absorbest